For citrus tree planting, Florida is one of the best places to plant them. Florida is part of the Citrus belt that starts in southern California and stretches to all of Florida. Because of this belt, citrus trees can be planted year round, but the optimal time for planting is in the spring.  For purchasing right tree, look for a tree that is already taking root and looks healthy (strong base and green leafs on the branches). One of the first mistakes in buying a tree is that the buyers pick a tree that looks like a twig and unhealthy. After buying your tree, look for a spot in your yard that never really has standing water after it rains. Putting a tree in a soggy area can make the tree's roots saturate and inhibit the tree to grow properly. So look for a spot that will get rain water but drains off quickly. When digging the hole for the tree, make it at least 4 feet wide in diameter or just twice the diameter of the ball of the tree. Discard the grass top layer and dig the hole a little sallow so that the tree is a little higher than your yard. This helps with the run off water when it rains. fill the hole back in after putting the tree in the ground. You shouldn't have to do anything to your soil after planting your tree. And in about a year or so, your citrus tree should be a heathy tree that gives off ripe fruits. 

Citrus Tree Information